more experimentation as the weekend comes to a close.

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a little inking catch-up at the doctor’s waiting room. feels like this has stagnated for a bit, time to finish it!

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dealing with first-day awfulness through doodly painting and eyeshield21.

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It’s been a rough week. Sometimes ink is the only refuge you can find, and even then, it isn’t safe. Sometimes you’ve just had enough, and this is the only thing that comes to you. Sometimes — well! Sometimes you just need to say it.

Zebra G nib, Sailor Jentle Grenade ink.

Playing with ink and strokes — an experiment/fun doodle of sorts! I was encouraged to test Liquitex Acrylic ink (cerulean was the color I chose) at an art supplies store yesterday. Brause broad-edge and Cito Fein nibs.

Every time I do calligraphy I’m reminded of how much I love it, and of how much practice I need! To be honest most days I don’t have the energy for it after coming home from work (it’s really intimidating to start; once you get into it you’re fine) but I really should make more of an effort. So many ideas for prints that I want to bring to fruition!

good morning from your weekend pomeranian!

busy day today! i wish my weekends were longer, so i could spend more time on art.

Happy Saturday! Here is some color for you.

(Detail from a painting I recently completed for a lovely client; watercolor, gouache, acrylic and ink.)

Makiling, 2014. Ink and watercolor.

Makiling has many stories, many faces. She is an enchantress, a forest, a mountain, a guardian. She is love devoted, love all-powerful, love betrayed. She is rippling water and whispering trees and the sigh of the wind, so sweet it knifes through you.

All experiences of Makiling must be fleeting (must be indelible). Like grasping the elusive wind (like putting down deep, deep roots).